Welcome to Purdue!

The Society of Non-Theists is excited to begin a new year with a lot of plans and hopefully a lot of new faces. We’d like to welcome all new and returning students and invite you to come join us in the coming weeks.

We have a lot going on, so please come on by and meet us!

Saturday, August 18
2-5 pm: BGR GetInvolved Fair at the Engineering mall
4-5 pm: Faith Fest at Memorial Mall
3 pm – midnight: OUTfest at Main Street, Lafayette (just across the river from Purdue)

Sunday, August 19
7 pm: Feast of the Godless at Noodles & Co
The Feast is an opportunity to meet with your fellow heathens for dinner on every Sunday night when the dining halls are closed. We always pick a restaurant within walking distance. Conversation topics range from upcoming events to classes to cats.

Thursday, August 23
11 am – 3 pm: Activities Bonanza in the Union

Sunday, August 26
7 pm: Feast of the Godless at Five Guys

Tuesday, August 28
9 am – 5 pm: Stone a Heathen at the Memorial Mall

Wednesday, August 29
6:30: Callout! in Physics 203

Thursday, August 30
6:30: Big Gay Callout with the LGBTQ Student Alliance in Stewart 214

And many, many more events throughout the semester. Feel free to contact us with any questions and like us on facebook!

Boiler up!


Purdue administration wants you to grow in your “spiritual life”

Recently the Office of the Dean of Students sent out this email to incoming freshmen:

You are about to become a Boilermaker – Congratulations! This is an incredible place, not only to continue your education, but to experience all that the university has to offer through the plethora of student organizations. We want to encourage you to think about growing in your spiritual life as well. There are around 40 different religious student groups that offer places for worship, prayer, study, conversation, and fellowship, as well as opportunities to put faith into action through service opportunities, mission trips, and faith-based initiatives.

Please go to our website: http://www.campusfaith.info where you will find links to student ministries and organizations that are non-denominational, Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, Jewish, Muslim, ecumenical, etc. You’ll also have opportunities to meet several faith groups during Boiler Gold Rush. Groups will be at:

–Activities Fair: Tuesday, August 14, 11:00 am-1:00 pm, in the Armory
–Faith Fest: Saturday, August 18, 4:00-5:00 pm, on the Memorial Mall

Welcome to Purdue.
University Religious Leaders and Religious Student Organizations

Sent from the Office of the Dean of Students on behalf of the University Religious Leaders and Religious Student Organizations

(bold text for emphasis added)

The Society of Non-Theists finds it highly inappropriate for a public university to endorse religion in such a way. We feel that incoming freshmen should not be pressured into joining a religious institution, especially not by the university itself. Rhetoric of this variety is alienating to non-religious students and can make them feel like outsiders before they even set foot on this campus.

We have a meeting with the Dean of Students on Monday to try to address these issues. We hope to find a resolution to avoid such problems in the future and create a more inclusive campus.

In light of this and similar issues, we would like to ask that anyone who is subjected to or witnesses discrimination reports it to the university using the purdue.edu/report-hate page. Also, notifying us about issues can help ensure that they are addressed in a prompt and fair manner.