Past Events

Atheism and Churchless Christianity – 2/16/11

Raleigh Barrett, also known as the “token theist” of the Society of Non-Theists, gave a presentation on his non-conventional Christianity and how it relates to the struggles of many atheists.

Hemant Mehta – 1/30/11

Author of the Friendly Atheist blog, Hemant Mehta, came to speak about how the religious right went after him and lost. article from the Purdue Exponent here.

Ask an Atheist – Reoccurring

Each month we set up a table on campus inviting people to come up and ask us any sort of question. We hope to combat negative stereotypes about non-theistic people and to promote friendly dialog about religious (and non-religious!) issues.

An Atheist in Israel – 11/3/10

In May/June 2009, Purdue Non-Theists (Former) Secretary Mike Brownstein had an opportunity to go to Israel with his family. His family was in Israel to celebrate Mike’s youngest sister’s Bat Mitzvah. He presented us with his perspectives on the trip.

Blasphemy Day – Every year on 9/30

International Blasphemy Day is focused on the free discussion and criticism of religious beliefs on the same level as other topics. The Society provides posters and markers for passersby to freely express themselves in writing or drawings. file://localhost/Users/Kacey/Documents/Websites/non-theists/events.html(Press Release)

Pastafarian Preaching/Talk Like a Pirate Day – Every year on 9/17

Club members dressed up like pirates and spread the message of the Flying Spaghetti Monster to the uninitiated in an event aimed to parody and satirize religious proselytizing.

The God Virus: How Religion Infects Our Lives and Our Culture – 4/29/10

Darrel Ray, author of The God Virus: How Religion Infects Our Lives and Our Culture, came to give a talk on the spread and consequences of religious ideas and how entrenched some are in our society. He offered some tips on dealing with such entrenchment and what it means for some of our personal and public interactions.

Fiction for Fiction – Reoccurring

We set up a table so people could trade their religious texts for a fiction novel. Our message was that while religious texts may give some moral guidance, that doesn’t mean every word they contain is necessarily true. Morals and insight into human life can be taken from nearly any book. You have to critically think about what you’re reading and not just take it at face value. Question what you read and what you are told, and come to your own conclusions about what is true.

Kicking the Christian Strawman: What Christians are really like – 3/31/10

Rev. Jonathan Weyer is a Presbyterian minister and founder of the Thomas Society — a group dedicated to cooperation and discussion between Christians and atheists at Ohio State. He came to dissect and discuss some stereotypes of Christians by atheists that he has seen.

Atheism and the Internet – 2/24/10

One of our members, Shawn Miller, gave a presentation on the relationship between atheism and the internet, with some insights into why the two are so close.

Send an Atheist to Church – Reoccuring

Inspired by Hemant Mehta’s book I Sold My Soul on eBay, some of our members volunteer to go to church services in exchange for donations to Food Finders Food Bank in Lafayette. We set up a table in the Union to collect donations as “votes” for which service (of a list of participating worship centers/groups) to send members to. In 2012, we raised¬†$514.18!

Darwin Day/Darwin Fish Fundraiser – Reoccurring on 2/12

Our yearly fundraiser: we celebrated Darwin Day by selling bumper stickers, Darwin fish (for your car), earrings, and more in the Lilly lobby.

Atheist Bible Study – 2/10/10

One of our members, Bryan Ehrlich, has taken on the daunting task of reading the entire Bible in one year. He gave a presentation on the fallibility of the Bible as exposed by Leviticus, paying special attention to features of God, transgressions and their punishments, and category errors.

Greta Christina on Atheism and Sexuality – 2/5/09

Greta Christina, blogger on skepticism and professional writer on sexuality, came to give a talk on sexual morality, sex positivity, and other attitudes towards sex as they relate to the non-religious community. Also sponsored by the Queer Student Union. We had fantastic turnout, many laughs, and a bunch of positive reactions.Video here.

“A Few Things I’ve Learned from Creationists” – 11/12/09

PZ Myers — biologist, scienceblogger, and atheist, of Pharyngula — gave a survey of bad ideas from those who oppose evolution. The presentation was well-attended and well-recieved (don’t forget funny, informative, and followed by a great Q/A session) and afterwards Dr. Myers accompanied a group of attendees to Boiler Market for chow and chat. Video here.

Secular Service Day – 10/18/09

Non-Theists met at the tables near Hot Box pizza on Chauncey Hill and spent the morning cleaning up the streets around Chauncey Village. After the Ohio State win, there was much celebrating; hence, plenty to pick up. We even made it onto the local news!

When Dinosaurs Walk with God – 9/21/09

Jen shared her experience of walking through the Creation Museum and what it means for atheism and science. Video here.

Discussion Day: “Why I’m Not Religious” – 9/9/09

Dozens of people showed up to share their stories about being a non-believer. There were backgrounds ranging from fundamentalist to moderate, long-time skeptic to god-ignorant to hardcore theist… This was a really successful ice-breaker event, getting our members connected with each other and with the club.

Freethinker Photo Scavenger Hunt – 8/2/09

We met at the middle of Memorial Mall at 2:00 PM for a Photo Scavenger Hunt, with a list of things or actions that the groups had to photograph themselves in in front of or doing around campus/West Lafayette. All the items and actions on the list were atheism or science related, and points were rewarded for each photo completed.

Boiler Blast – 04/04/09

Boiler Blast is a yearly community service day for the Purdue campus, where groups of students volunteer to do works around the community. A cohort of our members participated as Non-Theists.

Evolution: Myths and Misconceptions – 02/12/2009

A panel of Purdue professors discussed common myths and misconceptions in an attempt to educate the public about what evolution really is by fielding questions from the audience.

The God Who Wasn’t There: Was Jesus Just a Myth? – 01/28/2009

Documentary by Brian Flemming. After watching the documentary, a full-on discussion ensued. Since time was limited, it was decided that the topic would continue on at the next meeting.

Why There Really Is No God – 11/19/2008

Eddie Tabash presented his argument for why there is no God. After his presentation, he also took time to answer questions asked by the audience.

How Morality Evolved – 11/12/2008

Presentation by Dr. E. J. Capaldi of the Psychology Department: “Evolutionary theorists suggest that religion is a simple consequence of normal human cognition. Morality is a consequence of two highly prized evolutionary theories: Hamilton’s inclusive fitness view and Trivers’ reciprocal altruism view. Following a few comments on religion I will focus attention on the evolution of morality.”

Faith and Inquiry: Confession of an Evidential Agnostic – 10/29/2008

Presentation by Dr. Paul Draper of the Philosophy Department.

Journey Through the Creation Museum – 10/08/08 and again 4/13/13

This was a fun, although scary, event. A Non-Theist member and a few friends ventured through the newly built Creation Museum located in Hebron, KY. In 2013, we were joined by the Secular Alliance at IU.

Separation of Church and State Information Table – 9/30/08-10/02/08

The table was a success. While we did not have many people questioning the separation of church and state, we did get a lot of people registered to vote.

Is the Jesus Story Just A Retelling Of Myths From Earlier Cultures? – 9/4/08

A forum hosted by Freethinkers of Montgomery County and presented by Matt Stath.

Debunking Myths about Atheists – 2/26/08

We had a presentation and panel discussion on the stereotypes and myths people have about Non-Theists. The Exponent ran an article about it, which can be found here.

Free Hugs and Kisses – 2/14/08

We gave away free hugs and Hershey’s kisses to random people on campus. Attached to the chocolate were little fliers debunking myths about how atheists are mean, depressed people who hate God and religious people. We had a great response and hugged hundreds of people! Though next time we’ll probably have it indoors – it was freezing!

A Darwinian View of a Hostile Atheist – 10/17/08

Dr. Irwin Tessman, Professor Emeritus in the Biology Department of Purdue University, is well known for debating the effectiveness of prayer in relation to medical recovery. He gave a great lecture of Richard Dawkins, morality, Darwin’s idea of altruism, and the “war” between science and religion. An audio recording of the lecture can be found here. His article that his lecture was based on was featured in the Skeptical Inquirer and can be found here.


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