Photos From Feast of the Godless 19


Feast of The Godless 20

Today we’ll be having our 20th Feast of the Godless at Lenny’s Sub Shop at Chauncey Hill. We’ll also be prepping for our Ask an Atheist Table this Wednesday as well. If you’d like to get involved for this event, please contact any of the officers of the club. You can RSVP here

Also, with the end of the school year coming up, our elections are also coming up. We have three positions available: President, Treasurer, and Secretary. The best way to find out what you would do in each position, is to ask the current officer. We don’t have many people signed up right now, but we really need you to sign up, if you plan on running because we want to let everyone know who is running for each position. Please contact Bryan if you plan to run for something.

The Pat Tillman Story

At our meeting, this week we will be watching a documentary on the life story of Pat Tillman. He was an NFL player who decided to quit football to serve in the US military in Iraq and Afghanistan shortly after the 9/11 attacks. Tillman was killed in Afghanistan in 2004. Many consider him to be an American Hero, even with the controversy surrounding his death.

So, why is Pat Tillman specifically relevant to a club like the Purdue Non-Theists? The answer may surprise you:

Join us for “The Pat Tillman Story” on Wednesday March 30 at 6:30pm in PHYS 203.

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