One of Those People

Tonight’s meeting one of our theists, Mario Melendez, will be giving a talk on his non-traditional theism.

It’s titled “One of Those People: My Life As A Christian on Planet Earth”, and will be held in PHYS 203 at 6:30.


The Science of Evolution: Is It “Just a Theory”

Just a reminder that tonight we are having Dr. Kerry Rabenold speak about the evidence for evolution. This event will be at 5pm in LILY 1-105. It will be an hour long presentation followed by a Q&A. We will be going to Boiler Market afterwards for our Feast of the Godless where we will treat our guest to dinner!

An Atheist Gets Schooled

At our next meeting on September 28th, one of our members, Mike Brownstein, will be giving a talk on his recent undercover trip to the meeting of the Illinois Christian Home Educators. It’s titled “An Atheist Gets Schooled: My Trip to a Creationist Home-Schooling Conference”, and will be held in PHYS 203 333 at 6:30PM.

Edit: This event is actually not being held in the usual room. It will be in PHYS 333 instead!

Pirate Day Pictures

Talk Like a Pirate Day was a success! Despite the rain, we spread word of His noodly appendage to many.

Talk Like a Pirate!

Monday September 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day! Be sure to stop by and visit us outside of CL50 with your best pirate accent and your best pirate garb! We will also be preaching from the gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, bringing the good news to all those who have not been touched by his Noodly Appendage.