Congratulations To Our New Officers!

President: Nick Spegal

Nick is a junior physics major, psychology minor who’s passionate about teaching. Many hours of his day are spent with headphones on, and he has recently grown fond of public transportation. He also enjoys looking for books and interesting trinkets to fill his bookcase, trying to learn how to cook, reading, and playing video games.

Secretary: Kacey Pastore

Kacey is a Junior in Biology Education, hoping to be a high school biology teacher. She enjoys computers, video games, reading and cooking. She loves animals, and has a pet rabbit named Kanga.

Treasurer: Ben Shutt

Ben is a Junior in Computer Graphics Technology, hoping to go into the video game industry as a programmer. He is a computer and science geek who loves video games.


A reminder for “Fiction for Fiction”

Today, the Purdue Exponent published a letter I wrote about our Fiction for Fiction event tomorrow:

Book trading opportunity to take place on Thursday

On Thursday, the Society of Non-Theists encourages you think and read critically. We will be holding our annual “Fiction for Fiction” event near the steps of Wetherill between 9:30am and 4pm. We invite you to trade your religious texts for great works of fiction, as we promote critical thinking about all ideas. We ask the Purdue community to think critically about what you read because not everything that is written is true. Many individuals have died throughout history for reading and believing in the “wrong” text or even no text at all. For those who will call this controversial, let me assure you that accepted religious scholars, such as Thomas Aquinas and Maimonides were both called heretics for their interpretations of religious texts. We can assure you that no books traded will be put to harm.

In fact, we will be either adding them to our club’s library for us to read critically and learn about religious faiths. So, if you have a religious text you think we should read, feel free to stop by and trade it for some great fiction!

I hope you will be able to join us tomorrow!

2011/2012 Officer Candidates

The semester is almost over and that means it’s time to elect officers for the next couple of semesters. Below you’ll find a list of who is running with a short message from them about why they think they would make good officers. If you’d like your name added to this list, it’s not too late! Just email me at behrlich[at] with your name, positions you want to run for, year in school, and why you think you’d be good for the positions you are running for. Without further ado, here are your candidates:

Nick SpegalPresident, Secretary

I’ll be around for another two years or more and I’ve been involved with the group for at least as long, which makes me familiar with the regular events.

Aside from the strictly practical… In terms of fluffy (but true!) platitudes: I love this group. I love what the group stands for and what it does. And I love the people in it. I definitely don’t mind asking for input as a general rule, and would very much use that fact if elected.

I often have the lead in group projects… Even when I don’t try for it. I make it a point to take initiative when everyone is set on letting someone else do so. I’ve taught at different levels and in several different situations, all of which were pretty successful. When I worked in retail, I was a fairly successful salesman, owed mostly to the fact I’m good at thinking on my feet in conversation.

But I think that’s enough horn-tooting. I look forward to the election!

Kacey PastorePresident, Secretary

Year: Senior [not graduating till May ’13]

I’ve been running the website this year, and want to pursue a more active role in the club. I have a lot of ideas/goals for next year:
-Create some new positions to even out to workload for officers
-Advertising: We really need to work on getting our name out there
-T-shirts: I’ve been here for 3 years, and don’t have one.
-Speakers: Jen, and possibly PZ Myers

  • Free Hugs and Kisses
  • Send an Atheist to Church
  • Ask an Atheist
  • Talk Like a Pirate Day
  • Stone a Heathen
  • Darwin Day Evolution Sale

Ben ShuttTreasurer

Year: 9th Semester [May ’13 graduation]

I am running for treasurer, because I would like to be more involved in the Non-Theists. I have had experience holding leadership positions. I am good with numbers, and know how to use excel, so I can keep track of the finances of the club.

Elections will be held at our last biweekly meeting: 6:30pm PHYS 203 on Wednesday, April 27th

Ask an Atheist: Success

We had a very successful day at our Ask an Atheist table! Here are some examples of the kinds of questions we were asked:

What is an atheist?
When and why did you become an atheist?
What is your religious background?
Why not agnosticism?
From where do you derive the meaning of life?
Where did everything come from?
What is love, and what do atheists think about it?

This is probably our last Ask an Atheist event this semester, but we definitely plan on having more next year. Thank you to all who participated in asking and answering questions!

Here are a couple of photos from the event: