Non-theist News – The Callout is Here!

We need your help! Plenty of events are in the scheduling process. We need volunteers for Ask an Atheist tabling  and our Send and Atheist to Church fundraiser (coming up soon). If you want to be more involved please let the new President (Nick McNeely) or the Treasurer (Serena Ostrander) know via email or Facebook. We can’t put on these events without you!

These events will be discussed at our upcoming call out. Which reminds me…

Upcoming Club Events

Spring Callout!
Wednesday January 29, 7:00 PM at Class of 1950 121
Wednesday the 29th will be our official Spring Callout! If you’re interested in any facets of non-theism, care about church-state separation, or just want to hang out without constant Bible-study invitations, come meet us all in person and learn about the club.  Pizza and soda will be provided for all.
(Facebook Event)

Feast of the Godless: Pappy’s Sweet Shop
Sunday, February 2, 7:00 PM at Pappy’s in the Union
It’s cold out, but the Union is close by.  Come get some diner food and get to know the people you met at the Callout!
(Facebook Event)

Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham Debate Streamed Live
Tuesday, February 4, 6:50-9:30 PM, Location TBA

Science popularizer Bill Nye (the Science Guy) will debate Ken Ham (CEO of Answers in Genesis) on the question, “Is creation a viable model of origins?”  We are looking for a classroom where we can gather to  laugh/cringe at creationist rhetoric.  Join us for some fun!
(Facebook Event).

Invited Speaker Phil Ferguson: Breaking the Cycle of Religion
Wednesday February 5, 7:00 PM at Class of 1950 121
Phil Ferguson is a long time skeptic/atheist and avid supporter of those movements.  He is a board member of Secular Student Alliance (we’re an SSA affiliate!) and blogger at Skeptic Money.  He is determined to help children get free from religion and will discuss “Breaking the Cycle of Religion,” in which he explores religious trends among young adults and suggests subtle ways to instill healthy skepticism in your family.  After the talk, we will socialize with Phil over dinner (TBA).
(Facebook Event)

Upcoming Campus Events

This Friday marks the beginning of the Symposium Christi conference, an annual event hosted by campus and community religious groups in the Purdue Memorial Union.  Its goal is “to explore and debate some of the most probing questions about faith, reason, and life via panel discussions, lectures, and debates.”

Though the club is not involved in the conference, we have made Facebook event pages for those interested in meeting with other non-theists to attend talks.

Friday, January 31
“On Being a CHRISTIAN Professor” (FB)
“Three Arguments for the Dependence of Morality upon Religion” (FB)
Saturday, February 1
“What Would Jesus Do? What Would Darwin Do? A Dialogue Concerning Radical Social Injustice” (FB)
“Sex and God at College” (Includes Q & A) (FB)


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