Non-theist News – Welcome Back to Purdue

EDIT: The Spring Callout is rescheduled to January 29. Details below.

Hello godless heathens!  Hope you’re ready to start another semester at slushy, snowy Purdue!

So what’s new for 2014?  A lot.

We hope to bring skeptical blogger Phil Ferguson to Purdue with the help of the Secular Student Alliance.  Our “Send an Atheist to Church” fundraiser is on the horizon.  Plenty of social events and discussion meetings are coming up.  Ask an Atheist days and Feasts of the Godless throughout the semester are also planned.  We’ll keep you updated!

Upcoming Events

Weekly Meeting: Club Business & Board Games
Wednesday, January 15, 7:00 PM at Class of 1950 121
This weekly meeting will be a hybrid of business and fun.  Bring board or card games because we will be playing them after we take care of some administrative business.  Anyone interested in the club may attend, but our callout (with free pizza!) will be the following week.

Feast of the Godless Back to School Edition: Mad Mushroom
Sunday, January 19, 7:00 PM at Mad Mushroom
Get back into the swing of things and join us for pizza.  The dining courts are closed and you might be stuck between leftovers or ramen; come meet us at Mad Mushroom’s instead!

Weekly Meeting: TBA
Wednesday, January 22, 7:00 PM at Class of 1950 121

Spring Callout! (DELAYED UNTIL January 29)
Wednesday January 22, 7:00 PM at Class of 1950 121
Wednesday the 29th will be our official Spring Callout. If you’re interested in any facets of non-theism, come meet us all in person and learn about the club.  Pizza and soda will be provided for all.
(Facebook Event)

General Info

There is a lot going on and even more coming up.  If you want to stay on top of it all, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter; we use Facebook events for invitations and event scheduling  We will be asking you for feedback throughout the semester. Stay tuned!


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