Society of Non-Theists at Purdue University

Thank you


I want to thank everyone for getting involved with the Faith West bond issue. It’s been an interesting and educational few weeks and I got to know some great people in the process. Even though the bond ordinance passed, we did great. By standing up against this and coordinating the opposition, we made this an issue. We got press and the city’s attention, which lead to even more people coming out to speak against this issue.

Ultimately, we made the city stop and think.

Thank you to Pride Lafayette for bringing your community in and for speaking. Thank you to the City Council and Mayor Dennis for listening to everyone who wished to speak. And thank you in particular to Peter Bunder, Eddie VanBogaert, and Ann Hunt who cast a difficult vote for what was right.

Thank you to everyone who spoke and especially to our “politics guy” Mike and our token theist Mario Melendez. Forgive the cliche expression, but I honestly couldn’t have done it without you.

This was a weird first month in office for me and I secretly hope the next 11 will have less politics, but this was fun in a weird sort of way.

With much heathen love,
Anna Biela