2012 Symposium at Purdue: “The Problem Of God: Is God A Moral Monster?”

A really intriguing event at Purdue coming up soon! Dr. Paul Copan will lead a discussion on the subject of God and the context of morality. This will be followed by some open microphone questions and responses afterward.The symposium itself will run for a few days, until February 19th. Here is a simple breakdown of the event.

What: Symposium: “Is God a Moral Monster? Good, Evil, and the Old Testament”

When: Friday, Feb 17th

Where: LOEB Playhouse (Stewart Center)

Time: 7:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m.

If you choose to attend on the weekend, Feb 18th and 19th have really interesting discussion sessions. Topics include:

1) “The problem of the church: A broken system of religiosity and hypocrisy”

2) “The problem of miracles: Answering skeptics and critics”

3) “The problem of origins: Does God know about the big bang?”

4) “The problem of faith in politics: Social justice, justice, and worlds colliding”

5) “The problem of the Christian treatment of homosexuality: What are the problems?”

6) “The problem of skepticism about God: How can knowledge claims regarding God be credible?”

This is a really great opportunity to immerse yourself in some intellectual discussion!

Here is the link for more information:

http://web.me.com/joewhitchurch/Site/Problem.html (Page 1)


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